20 days of Christmas bouquets – A few more

Asymmetrical bouquet with dry and fresh flowers

Christmas time in the Southern Hemisphere is traditionally a very festive time and often filled with weddings – due to the good weather. So the studio gets more than a little busy and doing daily posts becomes wishful thinking.

Here are the bouquets I shared for the last few days of my #20daysofChristmasbouquets series.

image credits in series of images

image 1: Lauren Pretorius Photography

image 2: Debbie Lourens

image 3: Jonas Mueller

image 4: Astrid Bradley

image 5: Michelle du Toit photography

image 6: Wesley Vorster photography

image 7: Debbie Lourens

image 8: Lauren Pretorius Photography

image 9: Dearheart photography

image 10: Wesley Vorster photography