2022-10 IFFAD Art to stir the senses – online competition

the facebook group – international friends of floral art & design or IFFAD, hosted an online competition based on the art works of a Malta based artist – Nadine Micallef-Grimaud

Each class was inspired by a paint of hers – she’s an abstract artist – I post images of her artworks with full credit to her, to show how I interpretted each class.

Class 1: Art to stir the senses – a multi media design on a frame that had to incorporate items other than flowers – mine included woven cotton yarn, wood strips, waxed string, feathers, painted wood chips on wire, drift wood, painted foliage, preserved flowers and dried fungi

Awarded: Very Highly Commended

The artist’s painting

a side by side comparison


Class 3: Celestial Phenomenon – inspired by the painting below

Awarded: Commended


Class 4: Far Below The Ocean Blooms

Awarded: First

Class 6: Strata – an all dried botanical design


Class 8: Visions of Tranquility

Awarded: Highly Commended