the owner & designer, coral

Hello, I am Coral, the owner of the business and also the lead floral designer.

  • I am a deeply personable soul, and commit passionately & personally to you when I take on your brief
  • I love designing flowers & decor to transform spaces for weddings and other beautiful events, if money were no object, this is still what I would do with my time
  • I dream about creating beautiful vistas with & for you and spend hours looking at inspirational images to keep my creative thoughts fresh to create unforgettable experiences
  • I believe in relationships to bring out the best in all of us, so that each individual does the best they can do for you, resulting in a quality result and everlasting memories
  • I believe in integrity and won’t promise what I can’t deliver as well as treating my staff, industry peers and suppliers fairly and with dignity
  • I believe in being professional and in doing so, aim to influence the industry as a whole
  • I believe in ongoing learning by continuously seeking out floral teachers, both locally and overseas or learning online to continuously bring you the best there is in floristry & o continually expand my ‘toolbox’ of mechanics and techniques and knowledge in design
  • I believe in beauty and that everyone deserves it for their special occasions, whatever those may be

Experience counts & you can expect attention to detail, excellent service, innovative design and integrity/honesty from this studio. I have designed & delivered over 300 weddings and other events over the past 13 years and thus have a fair amount of experience in the flower industry. 

I also freelance for other Cape Town designers and I teach floral design and flower business workshops.

When I have some downtime (not often) I can be found with my precious family or reading about and tending to the unusual plants and flowers in my garden.

My greatest reward, is to exceed your expectations so that you tell your friends and family and this may bring new opportunities to do more beautiful work.


We have spent time finding the balance between delivering the product our clients want and responsible stewardship of our natural resources. We have incorporated sustainability into our business by:

  • Sourcing flowers and foliage from local farms
  • Growing of our own interesting flowers and foliage, which we water from our borehole
  • Composting cutoffs and greens
  • Recycling and reusing plastics and packaging
  • Recycling used candles & wax into new candles
  • Not using classified invasive species in our work
  • Spreading the knowledge about classified invasive species
  • Reducing our use of floral foam and increasing reusable mechanics


You can join our sustainability initiative by allowing us to deliver any flowers, not taken home from your wedding, to local hospitals and old age homes and spread the joy for a little longer.

And by understanding when we won’t use classified invasive species in our designs, so as to honour nature from where our bounty comes.

services offered

I am delighted and  honoured to be asked to add the finesse and fabulosity of flowers and decor to any event. 

Most people know that fresh flowers, foliage and/or plants add a great deal to our lives on a daily basis or that real pizazz to a birthday or dinner party, anniversary, shabbat dinner, wedding or just about any other celebration you can think of.

So I offer the following services:

  • Event Design – from conception to completion – let me handle all the creative and decor aspects of your party or event, colour palette, theme, additional furniture, linens, candles, florals – as much or as little as you need
  • Floral Design – if you already have a concept and need someone to create, setup and style your florals – we’re your studio – we often provide candles with this service
  • Floral Design Teaching and Workshops – one on one’s or small groups in person
  • Photoshoots – add a very special and unique floral piece to any couple shoot, maternity shoot, family shoot to really add something extra to those special memories you are creating
  • Hotel Foyer/Lobby Designs – if you are looking for something ‘extra’ to really fascinate and charm your guests – you’ve come to the right place – I love creating the unusual and large focal pieces that make visitors look on in awe.
  • Festive Season Wreaths  – a limited number of door wreaths for Christmas – seasonal offering
  • Home Florals – weekly flowers for your home, especially if you want something more creative and artistic than just a bunch you can collect at a supermarket
  • Corporate Events – adding fresh flowers to your conference, product launch, results release adds a sense of luxury and success to your function
  • Incentive or Awards trips – if you are taking your staff, or clients or suppliers away for an incentive trip and want to go the extra mile to show their appreciation, a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers or a gift hamper/bag as well as florals for your dinners and meals is an added layer of spoil for your attendees