Adding value to what you do – Gestalt

I have just returned from completing my EMC Advanced course in Bruges, Belgium and am now a certified EMC designer. EMC = European Master Certification and is the brainchild of Tomas du Bruyne

One of my favorite exercises of this 9 day course was to create a design that would show off a single flower to its maximum. Imagine the grower of a particular flower approached you and said I really want to show off this flower’s beauty and potential. I loved this challenge. As per the EMC process, it required first some thought and consideration, then a sketch, then a design (hoping I’d get a flower that fitted my idea from the selection)

I’m not the biggest fan of Chrysanthemums because they are relatively common and cheap flowers in South Africa, but when I saw this heirloom style stem, I knew it would work for my design.

the design was all about repetition of form and opposition of colour and continuation of the lines of the structure to bring the eye completely to the flower being shown off.

I hope you like it…