Anatomy of a Buttonhole – what do buttonholes cost


What should a buttonhole cost?

22 July 2016

So today, i thought I would share with you what goes into making a very simple buttonhole as we would make it.

It takes anything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to make, depending on the delicacy of the flower involved.

For example phalaenopsis orchids need to be specially wired as they have very tiny delicate stems that break off so can’t be depended upon and need support.

BUT before that…
The flowers/foliage/berries also need to be sourced. And again depending on the flower involved, these might be sourced from a local farm that could be anything from 20 minutes to an hour away.
Or from a wholesaler who may have got them from farms further afield or from the Johannesburg flower market, or even imported from overseas.
This doesn’t even cover the sourcing of wires, ribbons, flower glue and other sundries that might go into making of the buttonhole as these are often purchased in bulk and used as needed. But still have a cost associated.

Once sourced, the materials need to be conditioned, as it will be out of water for the duration of the wedding. Without conditioning, it is likely to not last.

Then only is it assembled – taking the 30 or so minutes to make.

How much do you make for an hour of work – we need to cost for our labour to make these over and above the raw material cost. And floral artists don’t make as much for labour as they should or as in other countries, as the art & experience are seldom appreciated for what they are.

Once made, they still need correct handling & packaging in order to preserve them overnight until they are delivered the next day in perfect condition to the wedding.

We used to charge much less for buttonholes, but now charge between R90 and R100 for a local seasonal, non exotic flower
And somewhere between R120 and R150 for more exotic or imported flowers or for a modern or intricate design