Cherry Blossom Wedding Inspiration at Belair Country Estate

orchid and fan bouquet

It’s hard to believe that we sat on this editorial for nearly a year to get the timing right for it’s feature in Spring on the Pretty Blog.

You have little idea how hard it is to want to share images and not be able to, so we were super excited when the feature finally made the internet.

Stephen van Eeden‘s background and past work experience have resulted in these exquisite outfits now designed and made under his own well deserved brand, that are not only beautiful but are incredibly well tailored as well and fit perfectly. A sign of true couture.

He assembled a great team of creatives to convey the East meets West in this Japanese cherry  blossom inspired wedding shoot.

Taking from his ideas, we adorned parasols with cherry blossoms, as if they bride had walked under the blooming cherry trees and the petals were falling down gently onto her and then dripping off her parasol, as she made her way to her husband to be.

“Falling in love with you was completely beyond my control”

A floral adorned veil could not be more opulent or decadent if you tried – again, imagine walking down the aisle, literally dripping in fresh flowers.

“I’d rather have flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck”

But our beautiful bride got to have both, as she was adorned in beautiful jewels from the award winning Uwe Koetter.

To match our bride, we made our little flower girl and matching floral parasol and flower basket – a traditional flower arrangement from years gone by, but that remains a romantic and delicate accessory for a little one.

Enjoy these beautiful images as captured by the incredible photographer, Lauren Pretorius, with hair and makeup stylishly done by Sam Scarborough and all shot on location at Belair Country House.