Delving deeper into design in the world of flowers

I love to learn. I get bored easily, so constantly learning new things in my areas of joy, like floral design, are one of the ways I keep stimulated and inspired.

And as I learned from the great master florist, Gregor Lersch, I can learn something from everyone I meet. A humbling but rewarding attitude to have.

This design was a second iteration of one I made for a critique by the great master Hitomi Gilliam – the first one did not meet my expectations or vision, so I made a second version, rethinking through all the elements and principles of design and with all I have learned via my European Master Certification and I was delighted with the second iteration – it flowed.

Why did it flow, because I planned the design better – I analysed my previous efforts with good knowledge and I allowed the subconscious, with all its learnings to flow through my fingers.

This design would work beautifully as a modern foyer piece in a hotel, a home, a restaurant. I loved having it in my home whilst it lasted.

And the mechanics were pretty environmentally friendly and reusable – including glass tubes, paper covered wire (which I re-use multiple times before its becomes unusable), twigs and branches (which inspired the concept of the design) that I’ve used multiple times and the wire covered metal rings and feet, which came from previous designs and are reusable components.

Enjoy this beautiful design that got a big thumbs up from Gregor himself on his Facebook group  – for posterity, his comment was: “That’s so good , how it floats. , presentation. Everything. Ghl” – one of my proudest days