Planning the flowers and decor for your wedding is one of the most fun aspects, but is also probably the most detailed plans & decisions you will make for your wedding or event.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that we get that might assist you in your planning:


My studio is based in Upper Kenilworth in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa.

But we work all over the Cape Peninsula, Cape Winelands and surrounds.

Previous destinations have included:

  • Greyton
  • Malmesbury
  • Riebeek West/Riebeek Kasteel
  • Stellenbosch
  • Franschhoek
  • Wellington
  • Worcester
  • Noordhoek
  • Southern Suburbs
  • City Bowl
  • Tulbagh
  • And many more...

We are very happy to discuss destination weddings to locations not listed above.

Cape Town couple shoot by Trouve
Coral Shortt – owner and florist at Epanouir Flower Studio

For more about me - have a look at our ABOUT page.


The minimum we offer is

  • design and creation of retinue or personal flowers only - think bridal bouquets, flower crowns, flowers for flower girls/ring bearers, corsages and buttonholes for those who love our work, but can't afford to have us design their entire wedding.
  • However, these often come at higher prices as there are no economies of scale when it comes to sourcing the flowers for a smaller order.

In addition to retinue or wedding party flowers as above,

  • we design and arrange wedding and event centrepieces and candles,
  • ceremony flowers like arches, chuppahs, gazebos, mandaps, plinths or stands, large arrangements, pew flowers, well wishing petals, aisle petals,
  • can arrange flowers for your cake, guest bathrooms etc and so on.
  • We also do suspended flower arrangements, individual and large/composite but usually in collaboration with a specialist installer to ensure that all suspended flowers are hung safely and securely and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety laws.

Then we also do complete wedding or event flower and decor design:

  • we conceptualise your day, considering all the possible places that flowers and/or decor may be needed, source, deliver, setup and style and/or refer for candles, linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware, underplates, chairs, lounge furniture.
  • What we quote you, we take responsibility for, ensuring that it arrives, is setup correctly, and is beautifully styled.
  • We then also take responsibility for the collection and return of all items hired on your behalf.
  • We also know a lot of great vendors in the wedding and events industry and are happy to refer you to hair and makeup artists, cake makers, photographers, dress designers, stationers and so on.
flower crown by Epanouir Flower Studio Cape Town, Western Cape
Wreath bouquets
La Residence Wedding Ryan Graham Photography

If you don't see something listed as either a service we do or don't deliver, please feel free to get in touch and ask us - we are very happy to engage. However, there are some specialised services where we don't currently have the expertise and prefer to bring in a professional to assist such as:

  • We don't do lighting - as this requires the services of a qualified electrician, but we do have good contacts in the industry who can assist with lighting for your event or wedding.
  • We don't do draping - as this requires specialist knowledge and application of fire retardant onto all fabric used for draping. But we do have contacts who can assist with this service.
  • We don't setup anything that we have not quoted you on, due to the careful planning of staff needed for the setup on the day. Should there be anything that you need assistance with - like laying out of stationery, favours etc, then please contact us with the details for a quote to assist with those additional items.

You get in touch:

  • Once you get in touch with me - by either giving me a call, an email, a social media message or filling in our website contact form or questionnaire, I will see how much information I have received from you and then contact you for further information or to arrange a consultation with you.
  • Consultations can take place in person most week days before 2pm and on Wednesday evenings. Unfortunately weekend consultations are not possible as we are generally out setting up and styling someone else's wedding or event.
  • This is a good time to get to know you a little better and to understand your likes as well as your dislikes.
  • And to discuss any possible areas that need clarity or may not be possible or require alternative suggestions.
  • If you are not local, then don't worry, we can arrange either a Skype chat or a phone call to keep in contact.
  • Depending on how much information you have provided, I generally setup a Pinterest board for you with more ideas on how to fulfil your vision and make sure that I am on the right track and have understood your needs.
  • This may happen before we consult, and/or after our consultation, when it may be fine tuned to eliminate ideas or add new ones.
  • After this - a pricing proposal is prepared - we quote you on your wish list as discussed or supplied in the questionnaire.

If you have a BUDGET - it is super helpful to share it with us, as it allows us to tell you early on if your wish list is achievable or not, and for us to prepare alternate suggestions or ideas to try to accommodate your budget.

We have much experience and many suggestions to help you prioritise your flower and decor budget to give you the best value for your money and to add as much 'story' to your images as we can.
If you don't know what to budget - see the next point...

We are not miracle workers (although we come close), but always go the extra mile and we honestly quote what we believe it will take to achieve your vision as shared with us, that is a reasonable as possible, but also fair to us in terms of the amount of time, skill and experience required to deliver what you have asked for with the appropriate and desired quality flowers.

marshmallow toned balloons
flower girl basket
soft pink and white flower garland

It's a hard to answer question - as it depends on how important flowers are to you and to the event or wedding you are hosting. The more important, the more you should spend.

It depends on many things such as:

  • the size & location of your wedding
  • the overall styling you select
  • the kinds of flowers you like
  • is it a society wedding or not
  • the size of your wedding party - 12 bridesmaids bouquets, adds up quite quickly vs 1 or 2
  • the season and whether the flowers you want are available
  • proximity to special flower days like Valentines Day or Mother's Day, when you can expect to pay way more for your flowers.

And is impacted by what your venue provides.

  • Some venues provide a shell only and you need to bring in your own chairs, tables, linen, cutlery, crockery etc and set it up yourself
  • Others provide it all and set it up for you

It also depends on your overall budget and what other items or services you need to include in your budget.

  • Leaving out favours for example frees up a certain amount for you to spend on other things.
  • A buffet vs a plated meal will attract quite different prices.
  • A full service bar vs beer/wine/soft drinks vs a cash bar etc.
  • Hiring a dress vs a custom design will cost very different prices
  • Local vs imported flowers...

You get the idea.

The various blogs out there suggest anything from 8% up to 20% of your overall budget. Bear in mind that if you want decor as well as flowers that this will need a bigger slice of the pie than just flowers.

If you start adding suspended flowers and lighting and/or draping, the percentage should go up even more.

If you want custom designed pieces, then even more...

I always believe there is a 'feels right' number - ask yourself if you are happy spending R10 000, R12 000, R15 000 and so on and keep asking yourself in increments until you hit a number that feels too much - and there you go.


Flowers are a perishable commodity that are labour intensive to grow and arrange. They go through an incredible life cycle before making it onto your table.

If you are interested in this journey, then put aside an hour to watch this fabulous documentary: BBC - The worlds largest flower market.

Some flowers are locally grown but many come from other areas:

  • around South Africa in KZN, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, North Province.
  • Many flowers are grown in Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Columbia, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan and the USA, to name a few.
  • Out of season flowers are often available on import, but carry with them a much bigger price tag as all flowers are sold internationally on an auction system and so we compete with the rest of the world and pay international prices.
  • Local flowers are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the rest of the world as are local florists - even the best ones.

In addition, most good florists have spent years honing their craft, investing in regular training and learning new mechanics, spending money on styled shoots to try out & bring you new ideas, trends or mechanics and thus building up their knowledge and experience to offer you a hassle-free, vision-fulfilling, story-telling and memory-making experience. And this is certainly worth something.

Their knowledge and experience will ensure that you get the best quality blooms that will last the duration (and beyond) of your event without falling apart or wilting prematurely (extraordinary environmental factors aside), sourcing hard to find flowers and dealing with the unexpected to ensure your day is perfect.

hanging flowers Cape Town at La Residence Franschhoek
classical wedding flowers
stationery and bouquet

Pinterest can be awesome – we use it as a tool to confirm with you that the look and feel is correct, to illustrate container options, heights of flowers, and to give you additional ideas or inspiration.

BUT we work with a 'look and feel' rather than trying to replicate other people’s work directly.

As experienced designers, our natural design styles, experience and flair will influence how we interpret the agreed upon designs.

So after you go through the Pinterest board that we collate for you, and you are welcome to comment on the images in your custom board and we can discuss them when we have a complementary consultation.


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