Floral Art Re-imagined June 2022 competition

Entering online competitions has its drawbacks:

You can’t tell if the competitors have cheated and really have all their flowers in water sources, you can’t check the depth when you can only submit 1 image, a great design that’s not photographed as well as another mediocre design may do less well purely due to how the image looks. there are quite a few drawbacks.

However – they have many upsides – its a good way to see how different designers (amateurs and professionals alike) interpret themes or concepts. To see what different techniques they use and what botanicals they have access to, how they use colour differently (this really differs from culture to culture). And how the viewers interpret and enjoy (or don’t) the designs that they see and how it inspires them as well. To see how you are growing as a designer from your first competitions to your current ones. And its just great to stretch your creative muscles.

These designs were from an online facebook competition, setup and hosted by the facebook group – Floral art Re-imagined from their Synaesthesia – a blurring of floral art and music in 2022.

I entered quite a few of the 30 something classes that were all based around music – either musical terms or music videos or just amazing songs.

And was delighted by quite a few placements – here are my entries for this competition

Class 2: Diminuendo – gradually getting quieter

Class 4: Legato – smooth and connected

Class 5: Staccato – shortened, quick notes, that are not connected to each other

Class 7: Counterpoint – a relationship between 2 musical lines that are harmonious yet independent or a counter rhythm

Class 19: Aerial by Kate Bush

Class 23: An abstract design inspired by these lines from the song by coldplay –

‘I drew a line for you

I drew a line for you

Oh, what a thing to do

And it was yellow’

– from ‘Yellow’ – Coldplay (2000)

Class Thirty One:

A cascade design with a difference, inspired by  ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ – theme song from the movie ‘The Mission’ – Ennio Morricone


Class Thirty Three: ‘Sandstorm’ – Darude

Class Thirty Six : ‘Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti – Colour Me’