Flower study – Peony

I love photographing flowers as much as I love arranging them.

Perhaps it’s because it allows me to capture their fleeting beauty and hold it a little longer than the real thing.

A flower that has certainly captured the imagination of flower lovers around the world is the coral peony.

The first time I held one in my hands in South Africa – I was smitten.

They start off a stunning deep Coral colour and open with huge soft petals into a flower the size of a child’s head. Over the period of a couple of days, their colour fades to softer shades and eventually to a gorgeous buttery yellow before they lose their petals.

Can you see why they are called ‘Coral Charm’?

After a couple of days, it fades to these softer shades of Coral and the stamens are more visible

A trio of these beauties that I had a few winters ago.

Two peonies that I purchased at the same time, but the more faded one had been cut shorter and used in an arrangement and thus aged a bit quicker than the one on the left.

Another day or 2 further along and they have now turned quite peachy in colour.

And just before their petals drop, they are the softest buttery yellow…

The perfect shade to reflect the winter sun…

Sigh… til next season