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We provide the complete floral experience, from your first enquiry and complementary consultation, all the way through to setup, delivery and strike.

We want you to experience our passion, hard work, attention to detail, years of experience and to benefit from the continuous education that we undertake in our field.

We source lush, beautiful, quality flowers, foliage and other fresh materials from local farmers, the flower auction, and from international growers and markets, as well as our own garden.

We also provide a high stem count in our designs, giving a sense of luxury when they are looked upon.

We want to know who ‘you’ are, and believe we are have become experts in ‘defining and designing’.

Florals and décor set the mood and atmosphere and our interviewing methods and processes allow us to create designs that are a true reflection of your personalities melded with the occasion.


Should you be interested to share yourselves and your ‘once-in-a-lifetime day’ ideas with us, we’d ask you to complete the questionnaire provided and return it to us, together with any inspiration images that you may already have collected.

Please share your budget with us if you have set one. We don’t ask for it to ‘take you for all you have got’ but rather to make informed suggestions about what is or isn’t possible given your inspiration and wedding size.

Pinterest can be awesome – we use it as a tool to confirm with you that the look and feel is correct, to illustrate container options, heights of flowers, and to give you additional ideas or inspiration.

BUT we work with a 'look and feel' rather than trying to replicate other people’s work directly.

As experienced designers, our natural design styles, experience and flair will influence how we interpret the agreed upon designs.

So after you go through the Pinterest board that we collate for you, and you are welcome to comment on the images in your custom board and we can discuss them when we have a complementary consultation.

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