I am a member of the chapel designers – which I have mentioned before. An incredible organisation started by a powerhouse in the floral┬áindustry in the USA, Holly Chapple.

As a result of that membership, I have been blessed to make contact with many incredible floral designers and artists around the world. One of these designers is Susan Mc Cleary from Passionflower in the US.  I have followed her work and admired it for years and it inspires me so much, that every now and then, I really want to make something that she has made, but with our interpretation on it.

This head piece was just such a piece – Susan has made quite a few and her website and social media pages are really worth a look. And I loved it so much, I was desperate to try create something in the same vein.

It is totally wearable – albeit a bit on the heavy side due to the volume of flowers, but was comfortable to wear – I put it on myself several times. And it lasted several days due to correct mechanics. It could be scaled down for sure to make something for a real event – like the horse races or a new year’s eve party.

We shot this head piece as part of our ‘human body project’ or ‘dressing the imagination’ as it really was an imaginative piece that Chantell and I created for our shoot. And we could think of no one better to shoot it, than our incredibly talented photographer friend Debbie Lourens.

This was a shoot that required some pushing the boat, stretching some boundaries and trying something new. We wanted a dark moody background, to offset the delicate details of the flowers and mostly natural light rather than studio lighting.

For a natural light photographer who prefers light, white backgrounds, this was a good challenge, but Debbie more than pulled it off. Creating some of my favourite images ever. – thanks Debbie.

And we also turned to another industry specialist – Stefania Morland for some outfits – Stefania’s clothing is incredibly beautifully made with real silks and other exquisite fabrics. Her colour palette is not limited by fashion trends and is often a set of interesting muted tones, like this grey/pink silk underdress – that worked beautifully as a soft, gentle backdrop for our headpiece.

And then the wonderful Listelle – you are a treasure in this industry – you give so much to so many and I know you are undervalued by a lot of people – thank you for carrying off this head piece so beautifully for us – your grace and poise were perfect for the delicate details and it’s a look that we loved.

Listelle’s perfect makeup was done by the treasure in our industry – Corle Barnard.