Getting married on New Year’s Eve? Why not…

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What a wonderful day to get married – New Year’s Eve…

You’ll never struggle to remember your anniversary, the day after is always a public holiday and it’s the perfect evening for you and your guests to get festive and in the party mood.

It’s also a perfect occasion to really get festive with your decor and a date on which you can go all out when it comes to decor – even going for black if that’s your vibe, without anyone raising an eyebrow.

You can get really creative with your wedding favours – why not a fresh aubergine or some fresh black plums or cherries – favours that guests can eat never get left behind.

And nowadays you can hire gold cutlery from quite a few hiring companies – like urban tonic – see link below.

Suspended florals have been on trend for some time now, so we opted for a fresh take on suspended florals, place flowers in clear orbs. Suspended flowers certainly allow you more space on your guest tables and work well where your tables are quite narrow, which is a common feature at a lot of venues – it’s a detail you should take note of when considering your flowers and decor.

Black on black stationery is the ultimate in sophistication and style – creating the perfect mood from the outset and setting the anticipation of a very stylish event.

Liquorice is also a fun idea for favours or twists in a custom cocktail perhaps – fitting right into the colour scheme and providing an unexpected ‘twist’.

Black on black styling, include shades of charcoal and black via your linen, chairs and glassware…

Finish the overall look with an on trend marbled cake with black layers and deep berry toned fresh flowers


images by the wonderful Debbie Lourens

cafe lights by SMD Technical

cutlery, crockery and glassware from Woolworths

linen from The Tablecloth Hiring Company

chairs from Urban Tonic

stationery by Susan Brand Design

cake from Laura Mitchell

note: this work was produced when I was 1 half of Green Goddess flower studio and may have been published under that company name.