Have you considered a flower crown bar?

Flower crown bar, Cape Town

If you are looking for something unique and seriously fun to entertain your guests – what about a flower crown bar?

We were recently approached by the gorgeous Roxy to do just such an activity for her guests at her wedding at the Grand Cafe Africa.

We brought a large array of flowers and pre-made and pre-greened crowns, hair combs and wrist corsages for the guests to choose from. Needless to say most of the guests wanted a crown – as a queen should always have a crown, n’est pas?

This way the guests could choose what flower they wanted to match their outfits. And we could ‘quickly’ finish them off.

In 3 hours, we made over 70 crowns, and a further 20 hair combs and 20 wrist corsages. And a couple of hat pieces, buttonholes and a shoulder epaulet for one flower loving guy…

It was manic, crazy, non-stop fun.

Seeing the delight on the guests face’s when their crown was ready (after patiently waiting for the flower glue to dry) was absolutely priceless. In particular the older guests, for whom the fashion of flower crowns might never have been an option. They were so beautiful!


2 of my flower fairies whose nimble fingers and fabulous designs, helped us turn out over 70 crowns in 3 hours…

A gorgeous flower comb

My other flower fairy – Moena – an incredible woman with amazing talents and a heart of gold…

Flower combs, waiting for their maidens

The array of flowers for the guests…