Inspired by old things

I do love old things, that are a little beaten up and less than perfect. And when I saw this tray for sale online, I knew I had to have it. It was the property of an old lady who had passed, and her daughter was selling it – it was a treasure and I hope the design I made with it, will bring some joy to the original owner in heaven.

All the stems are directly in the water at the base of the tray, and are held in place by balance, tension with the frame and other botanicals or a little bit of paper covered wire, which can be unravelled and reused a number of times.

I’m also not the greatest fan of proteas – largely due to their hairy texture, which means they don’t reflect light well and thus don’t photograph well, or look good in a low light environment where they are often used in events. However, they worked perfectly in this design, that was captured in bright natural light.