Living Jewellery – Succulent jewellery


The second part of this set of features – from our living jewellery shoot.


Lauren sent me some reference images of work by someone in the industry that I admire greatly – and that I am connected with through the incredible group of international floral designers, called The Chapel Designers. I am blessed to be a member, as is Susan Mc Cleary of Passionflower Events in the USA. Susan’s intricate and beautiful work has inspired me for years, and so to have the chance to create something that might come close to her incredible pieces, was both a challenge and joy. If you want to see more of her incredible work – here is the link to her site.

The beauty of these pieces, is that they last for several weeks and can be work (with care, they are still living things) several times. After which they can be removed from their bases and planted back into the soil – thus the name ‘living jewellery’.

Enjoy these gorgeous images from the wonderfully talented Lauren Pretorius

Dress: Janita Toerien

Makeup and Hair: Ursula Ullrich

Model: Vicky Lawrence







note: this editorial was produced when I was 1 half of Green Goddess flower studio and may have been published under that company name.