more peonies please

My name is Coral and I love most flowers, but I do have a couple of favourite-favourites.

One being a gloriosa lily or flame lily, which remind me of Christmas on our farm in Zimbabwe, where they grew wild on the koppies and in our gardens. Two being an old fashioned Papa Meilland rose, for its incredible scent. And three, the humble but fragrant english violet.

I do like peonies, but when I first met a Coral Charm peony, I was entranced and the fact that I share it’s name, well, that’s just serendipitous. They start out a deep beautiful coral pink and over the period of a week to 10 days, fade to a pale buttery yellow.

So when they are in season (although they are not grown in South Africa), I always try to get my hands on some.

The last time I did, I simply played with them using a few other bits and pieces I had leftover from something.

So yes, now Coral Charm peonies are on my list of favourite-favourites…