Published work

Being published is always a big deal – whether in a magazine, book or online media.

I’ve been privileged to have my work published many times over many years and I still get a thrill of seeing my work in print or online.

I am delighted and  honoured to be asked to contribute to publications & see this as an opportunity to showcase new & distinctive ideas for you.


Recent press features:

WildFlower Media: Floral Couture Flowers to Wear Book, published 2020

Bloss magazine – beauty editorial – 2021 January

Bridal Musings – How to romantically light your winter wedding

Florist Review Magazine: 2019, floral wearables

Hochzeitswahn – Tuscany meets Stellenbosch Wedding Editorial

Wedding Album magazine –

  • 2018 edition – Feather and rose bouquet

Florist Review magazine –

Pink book weddings –

The pretty blog – (sadly this blog is no more and so the features are no longer available to view, but they will be visible on our own blog shortly)

  • These colours will make your day
  • Cherry Blossom Wedding Inspiration

Southbound Bride –

Botanical Brouhaha –

Past press features (jointly with Chantell as Green Goddess flower studio) include:

  • 2016 Fair Lady Bride
  • 2015 Fair Lady Bride
  • 2016 Sarie Bruid

The Pretty Blog (sadly this blog is no more and so the features are no longer available to view)

  • Modern african wedding inspiration
  • Joan of Arc wedding inspiration
  • Contemporary tribal wedding inspiration
  • Romantic blush wedding inspiration

Ruffled Blog

Green Wedding Shoes

Southbound Bride

White Magazine