Story telling & visual poetry – Midsummer Nights Dream Editorial

We read books and watch movies or television shows for escape from reality – we get taken into worlds that we have not travelled to, or perhaps into memories of places we have been. Stories that delight us, inspire us, remind us, encourage us…

The written word is powerful and evocative – but relies on our imaginations to bring it to life.

The visual media is as powerful, as we get to see the results of someone else’s imagination, stories brought to life through images. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes.

These images are poetry in motion – from a recent collaboration with one of my favourite photographers – Debbie Lourens, who is indeed a beautiful soul and incredible story teller, through her images.

This shoot was done by 2 photographers, working side by side, and each telling the same or different story in their own ways – have a look at the images from the same shoot by Lauren Pretorius here.

A story requires many players, to fulfil its telling and a visual story much the same. Here are the people & places that played a part in telling this beautiful story with me:

Dresses: Sadie Bosworth Atelier

Makeup and Hair: Cecilia Fourie

Venue: Langverwagt


Flowers and planning: Epanouir Flower Studio