What is style?

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What is style?

A question that probably has as many answers as it has readers…

“Style is a simple way to say a complicated thing” – Jean Cocteau

Style to me is an expression of yourself and your dreams, as written in the medium of your hair, makeup, clothing, furniture, food, jewellery…

And when it comes to fashion, nowadays it seems that personal expression is in vogue, rather than following specific fads.

“Create your own visual style…

Let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable for others.” – Orson Welles

if you love flowers, and love expressing yourself through fashion, then why not consider combining them both? and for your next event, let us create a fresh flower accessory for you to elevate your look to a new orbit.

flower fro by Green Goddess flower studio

Flower crowns, tiaras, tattoos, hair pieces, necklaces, earrings cuffs and bracelets, rings, pocket squares, bow-ties, fascinators, stoles…

all made in beautiful fresh flowers, whose transience adds to their allure. a fleeting piece that is unique to you and your occasion.

the luxury of being adorned in flowers is not likely to forgotten any time soon.