Epanouir Debbie Lourens Less is More wedding inspiration

Less is more…

Not everyone wants an abundant look for their wedding or special occasion. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want something stylish, communicative and celebratory. We created this wedding inspiration recently as we feel that many blog posts at present only represent very full and flowing florals and decor and that this doesn’t appeal to everyone. […]


Working with Flower Glue Workshop

I am super excited to present my first floral mechanics workshop in Cape Town. Designing with Flower Glue Flower glue is to me, the most revolutionary new tool to come out in the last decade and it should be a must in any modern florist’s toolbox. It has simplified my design process and given me freedom in […]


Modern african inspired wedding florals

I have been blessed to twice attend a Gregor Lersch workshop hosted in South Africa in recent years – the man is an absolute master on many levels, as well as a real gentleman and humble teacher. The last workshop I attended in 2016, resulted in this photo shoot after my friend and photographer Debbie […]