Bridal bouquets are my favourite. What’s yours?

Of all the flowers that get designed, created and styled for weddings, I do think that the brides bouquet is my favourite.

There is a certain amount of pressure to make sure that this bouquet is perfect, as florally speaking, it is the star of the show, featuring in MANY of the couples images and it has a vital role to play in enhancing their images.

It should be not too heavy, easy to hold, proportional in size to the bride (unless a particularly large or small bouquet is designed on purpose), complement her dress, hair style, veil, and be congruent with the rest of the wedding styling.

Have you ever seen a poor bride trying to hold a bouquet whose stems are too ‘fat’ to hold or the bouquet is so heavy, she has to hold it like a small baby to include it in her images? This makes it uncomfortable for the bride to hold and trust me – it shows in the images.

Katharine approached us months before her wedding to make just her bridal party bouquets. She has a few ideas of what she wanted and luckily as long as we used the inspiration she provided, was happy to leave it in my hands. One of her inspirations was a painting that hung in her grandmothers home.

Isn’t it gorgeous – with beautiful, full blown garden roses. I loved this.

Below the breath-taking ceremony spot in the garden at Natte Valleij Farm.

The bouquets were indeed made with a big selection of roses, including many garden varieties, whose sweet fragrance would have filled any room they were present in. As well as lots of gorgeous garden foliage, mostly from my home garden.

Isn’t it a beauty – I absolutely loved making this bouquet, partially because Katharine was just a lovely bride to work with, because of the sentimentality of her grandmother’s painting and because they are just my favourite to make.

And her bridesmaids who wore navy blue, which was the perfect foil for these romantic colours and textures.

Images supplied courtesy of Yolande Marx.