Cora and Richard’s romantic summer wedding at Vrede en Lust, Franschhoek

I love weddings with connections and stories. And I love getting word of mouth referrals from past clients, family members and the like. They are nearly always my favourite kind of clients, because there is already a connection to them.

If you haven’t figured this out already, I give a lot of personal attention to my clients and like to know a bit about them, as I hold all this information in mind when planning and designing their flowers. And one of the loveliest compliments I can receive (other than subsequent word of mouth recommendations) is when guests look at the reception and say – it’s a perfect reflection of the couple.

The groom’s dad’s cousin is a huge fan of mine and she frequently comments on my work on social media and is just a huge source of joy to me. She referred me to the couple (thanks Colleen), who live in the Cayman Islands, but were returning to Cape Town, or Franschhoek rather, to get married. Cora is from Germany originally, so many of her family and friends were coming from the colder climes of Europe to attend the wedding, making it an altogether very international affair.

I have to also put it out there once again, that whilst we do beautiful work, it can only be enjoyed for posterity when it is captured, both beautifully and sensitively by amazing photographers such as Jenni Elizabeth did at this wedding.

I am always incredibly grateful to receive images of the work that we do for our clients, as it allows us to relive our hard work and rewards of a creating something magical and beautiful for our clients. But it also allows us to share our work with guests who may not have been able to make the wedding (as was the case here, where the lovely Colleen who referred us, could not attend for medical reasons) and also with potential clients and social media friends and fans.

Without great professional images, our work is hard to share, as flowers are fleeting, with their magic lasting a few days. And let’s face it, I am a floral designer, not a photographer for a reason. So thank you to the amazing photographers who do take care to capture ALL the details of a couple’s special day, so that the memories may live on for years to come for them, and for the vendors who put their souls into creating beauty for them.