Floral Accoutrements…

plural noun: accoutrements
  1. an additional item of dress or equipment.
    “the accoutrements of religious ritual”
    synonyms: paraphernaliaequipmentstuff, things, apparatustacklekit, implements, tools, utensils, material(s), appliances, rigoutfitregalia, appurtenances,

    impedimenta, miscellaneous articles, odds and ends, bits and pieces, bits and bobs, trappings, accessories,

    trimmings, adornments, ornamentation, furnishings, fittings, appointments; More

    I think that this is a great name for these pieces – floral accoutrements…

    Unique accessories to elevate any outfit into a fashion forward look that will have you remembered for sure.

    These pieces were designed for a shoot for a beautiful model with a heart of gold – Listelle Visser. And were done one afternoon in the City Bowl of Cape Town.

    Although they are close to 4 years old, I think they are as stylish today as they were then. What do you think?

    images Debbie Lourens

    outfits Stefania Morland

    makeup and hair Make up and Delight – Lyndsay