Garden flowers – dahlias, roses and more

i am blessed with a beautiful garden and abundant water from an on site borehole.

why is this of interest to you?

well, because it means that I grow beautiful and non-typical flowers and foliages to include in your event flowers. Things that are not available from commercial growers or import.

I also look out for other small scale local farmers who grow beautiful varieties, as well as safe and responsible places to forage to really extend that selection of the unusual that I include in my designs.

all of the flowers in the below design came either from my garden, or from a small rose farm growing garden style roses nearby.

with the focus on sustainability in our world these days, it’s important as floral designers to keep this in mind and do our bit to assist, by minimising the carbon footprint of our work as well, as being responsible with water resources and recycling as much as we can from our events.

we compost our leftovers, throwaways and cut-offs, which is then used again in our garden to grown new beauties. we recycle the cardboard inners from any floral packaging, as well as the boxes they come in and we do our best to buy as local as possible.

and we are reducing our use of flower foam as far as possible by going back to old style floristry, using chicken wire, kenzans, vases that don’t need mechanics and so on.

so, we thought it important to tell you all this…